Identification control when working in laboratory

Independent control in IVF laboratory processes is an increasingly discussed topic, and a clear trend is to ensure it through a computer system. That is because it is free of error which is always imminent once a human element is involved in the process.

As much as it may seem that double control by another person absolutely eliminates errors, it is not the case. The other person might not act completely independently and may unconsciously act with automatic consent (e.g. in the case of emotional instability or stress).

At Reprofit, we do it differently!

The absolutely best identification system would be marking each embryo with a unique identifier that it would carry throughout the time it spends in the lab. Unfortunately, this is not possible (yet), so we have chosen another way, the best possible, at Reprofit – marking of the tray, in which the embryo is kept.

Our digital Witness System completely replaces the need for control by another person during the identification process.

DaWia Matcher system

At Reprofit, safety is absolutely crucial to us. Similarly, we strive to maintain it at the highest level, regardless of the number of clients. Each of our patients can be certain that they their sperm, eggs or embryos will be treated in a fully controlled manner.

Therefore, our clinic has invested in the development of a computer system which is a sort of a personal protector of the patient and constantly oversees the cells and embryos donated by the patient. We have named it the DaWia Matcher System (Digital Witness Authorization) and it serves two purposes: identification verification and continuous monitoring.


Purposes DWA

  • Identification verification – thanks to the system, it is always ensured that throughout the process a particular sample will be always paired with a single specific patient throughout all laboratory processes.
  • Traceability – the system also provides complete information from each verification about who did what, when, where, and with what.

Assurance of compliance

The primary goal of the system is to ensure that the right sperm is used to fertilise the right eggs and that the right embryos are used for the embryo transfer.

Methodology of DaWia Matcher systému

We have developed the DaWia Matcher System so that it becomes a complementary and, above all, independent control of employees performing primary identification. Whoever handles the cells must first select the correct tray according to the identification data (name and date of birth of the client). After that, identification labels are read by the DaWia System which evaluates the data read and checks the employee.

The system covers all processes in IVF laboratories during which cells are handled. During each such handling there is a record of identification (even repeated) and serves for identification and traceability verification purposes. This allows us to trace back all activities with any sample.

How does it work?

  • The system is based on the code128 standard barcode principle using a 14-digit code and the included checksum. This prevents the reading of an incorrect code (for example, when it is damaged).
  • We use photographic barcode readers to read the barcodes working with the low energy of the CCD sensor and subsequent image analysis. The cells are thus not exposed to any negative effects.
  • The system provides the highest level of work safety thanks to the monitoring of the individual steps and their continuity throughout the laboratory process. DaWia monitors the user when handling each sample and uses the set process chart to point out any non-standard steps (e.g. skipping the previous step or performing unlikely actions).

Infertility Treatment Options


IVF with your own eggs

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IVF with donated eggs

We have been specializing in egg donation since the foundation of the clinic. Thanks to our extensive database, toghether, we can choose the most appropriate donor.


IVF with donated embryos

Thanks to our intricately designed egg donation program, we can offer you an embryo adoption too. We have a unique offer for embryo adoption too.

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