Cryopreservation and vitrification

Cryopreservation is a method of preserving and freezing reproductive cells using special media for preservation in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C. This method can preserve reproductive cells for many (even decades).



For freezing eggs and embryos we use the modern method of vitrification, where the reproductive cells are cooled down to a temperature of -196 °C in seconds. This uses a medium containing high doses of cryoprotective substances that protect the cells from damage.

Cell preservation

At our clinic we store reproductive cells in a unique modern cryobank. The cryobank is fully automated and ensures optimal storage conditions for samples 24 hours a day. The stored samples are protected from temperature fluctuations, lack of liquid nitrogen or careless handling, unlike the commonly used Dewar vessels. Access to the cryobank is restricted and permanently monitored against misuse.

Freezing of embryos

Vitrification of embryos is carried out using a modern technique in a closed system using an inner carrier and an outer shell. The embryos are almost immediately frozen. Compared to slow freezing, this system has increased the success rate of infertility treatment using frozen embryos almost to the level of fresh embryos.

When do embryos freeze?

Vitrification is part of IVF treatment

The high success rate of the treatment allows us to transfer one embryo, the remaining good quality embryos obtained in one IVF cycle are frozen for future use. Vitrification is thus an integral part of IVF treatment and gives our patients a greater chance of successful treatment.
Subsequent cryoembryo transfer requires only hormonal preparation of the endometrium, is painless (no need for general anaesthesia) and is also less costly.

Cryopreservation success rate

We vitrify only high quality embryos

In our clinic, we vitrify only high-quality embryos at the blastocyst stage (day 5 or 6 of culture), which guarantees up to 98% survival rate after thawing. The embryologist decides whether the remaining embryos are suitable for freezing after a personal inspection of their quality.

Freezing eggs

We were the first assisted reproduction clinic in the Czech Republic to freeze eggs by direct immersion in liquid nitrogen, the so-called open freezing system. The method is safe, the results of our one-year study showed up to 50% higher reliability and better quality of eggs after thawing than in the conventional method of freezing in a closed system, when the eggs are hidden in a carrier and frozen with nitrogen vapours.

When is it advisable to have your eggs frozen?

  • In the event of impending ovarian failure, allowing patients to preserve their own eggs for future use
  • In case of impending loss of fertility due to cancer treatment. Egg vitrification offers women of childbearing age prior to cancer treatment the opportunity to preserve the hope of becoming pregnant after their disease has been managed.
  • In case of unexpected absence of partner's sperm during IVF treatment. If no sperm can be obtained from the patient's partner on the day of egg retrieval, the retrieved eggs can be frozen.
  • Also, if no sperm are found during surgical retrieval of sperm from the testis (MESA-TESE) and the infertile couple does not wish to opt for the use of donor sperm, the retrieved oocytes can be frozen. This gives both partners time to consider possible solutions and make a final decision on the treatment.
  • Another possibility of using vitrification is egg freezing for young women of reproductive age, the so-called "social freezing", who for whatever reason are postponing starting a family and want to increase their chances of conceiving in the future (they do not currently have a partner, are studying or working).

Freezing of sperm

Sperm freezing is a relatively simpler process compared to the above and consists of mixing ejaculate or processed sperm with a freezing medium in a certain ratio and then placing it in liquid nitrogen vapour.

Other Treatment Options


IVF with your own eggs

Many couples struggle with infertility. We know how to help.


IVF with donated eggs

We have specialized in treatment with donated eggs since the clinic was founded. Thanks to our extensive database of donors, we can choose the most suitable one for you.


IVF with donated embryos

Thanks to our sophisticated egg donation program, we have the unique opportunity to offer infertile couples treatment with donated embryos.


The first step to parenting from the comfort of your home

Our doctors are also here for you online. We provide free consultations, we will make an appointment without waiting and without the need to present a request form.

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