Surrogacy (surrogate) motherhood

In our clinic, we perform infertility treatment with the help of surrogate mothers in indicated cases. The necessity of using a surrogate mother is decided exclusively by
by a doctor specialized in this field.


General information

  • There must be a clear reason for the treatment in order to accept a surrogate mother (see - Indications for surrogacy)
  • The number of embryos transferred into the surrogate's uterus is limited to one embryo only, we try to avoid multiple pregnancies to minimise the risks to the surrogate
  • We only provide the treatment itself, we do not mediate or intervene in any way in the relationship between the genetic parents and the surrogate mother
  • Treatment using surrogacy is covered by public health insurance according to the same rules that apply in cases of conventional IVF
  • We do not charge for the use of a surrogate mother. It is a standard embryo transfer and the cost of treatment is the same as if the recipient of the embryo is a woman from an infertile couple.

Indications for surrogacy

  • Congenital or acquired absence of the uterus
  • Damage to the uterine cavity - sy. Ashermann, atrophic uterine mucosa even after repeated attempts of estrogen stimulation, poorly healed uterine surgery - e.g. conditions after extensive enucleation of fibroids, uterus with multiple fibroids deforming the uterine cavity, conditions after repeated cesarean sections with poorly healed uterine scar
  • Recurrent miscarriage after ruling out genetic cause of miscarriage, hematological and immunological therapy without effect (LWMH, intralipids, immunomodulatory therapy)
  • Life-threatening complications in a previous pregnancy with risk of recurrence in a subsequent pregnancy - e.g. early severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, HELLP, thrombosis + pulmonary embolisation
  • Indications from other disciplines - internal indications, neurological indications, etc. - will always require the opinion of a specialist in that field
  • Repeated implantation failure - will be assessed individually by a committee of doctors at our clinic

Surrogacy procedure


You contact the surrogate mother and agree on the terms of your future cooperation.

Our clinic only carries out the treatment itself, we do not mediate the surrogate mother or intervene in any way in the relationship between the genetic parents and the surrogate mother.


You and the surrogate mother will attend the first consultation

During the consultation, our doctor will assess whether the surrogate is fit for pregnancy, i.e.: 

She already has her own child/children 
Pregnancy and delivery were uneventful 
If the birth was by caesarean section, then at most one, and for a reason that is unlikely to recur in subsequent pregnancies 
She is generally healthy, there is no relative contraindication to pregnancy 
It is also advisable to perform basic examinations - toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, thyroid examination.


Legal consultation

If the surrogate mother is suitable, a consultation with a lawyer will follow to discuss all the legal steps involved and to clarify the whole matter legally. 

Treatment will not be started unless a legal analysis has taken place. 

From a legal point of view, it is preferable that the surrogate mother is unmarried or divorced after a period of protection (otherwise the process will be legally more complicated after the birth, but this option is also possible).

Other treatment options


IVF with your own eggs

Infertility afflicts a large number of couples. We know how to help.


IVF with donated eggs

We have specialized in treatment with donated eggs since the clinic was founded. Thanks to our extensive database of donors, we can choose the most suitable one for you.


IVF with donated embryos

Thanks to our sophisticated egg donation program, we have the unique opportunity to offer infertile couples treatment with donated embryos.


The first step to parenting from the comfort of home

Our doctors are also here for you online. We provide free consultations, we will make an appointment without waiting and without the need to present a request form.

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