Treatment Success Rate

Thanks to our professional care, advanced medical procedures and cutting-edge technologies we achieve an above standard level of treatment outcomes.

63.5 %


62.6 %


51.7 %


62 %


IVF with donated oocytes

Our laboratory combines the latest technology with the skills of experienced embryologists. As a result, we produce high quality embryos. The high quality of the embryos created means we only need to transfer one embryo in almost all egg donation cycles. This reduces the risk of multiple pregnancies. The slightly lower success rate when only one embryo is transferred is balanced by the overall success rate of the treatment after using all the embryos from the first cycle.

Overall, the benefits of such a transfer are undeniable. The patient has one embryo transferred and the others can be frozen (on average 2.54 frozen embryos). If the patient does not get pregnant in the first cycle, she will have a second embryo introduced as part of the cryoembryo transfer. This increases the likelihood of pregnancy and the cumulative success rate of the three embryos is 91%.

IVF with your own oocytes

We achieve a success rate of around 50% when treating patients with their own eggs, and are continiuously increasing our success rate for patients aged 40-43. As egg quality decreases with age, we can only obtain good quality eggs from around half of these patients. Despite this, our success rate for embryo transfer for these patients is 22%, which is very high for this age range.

Cryo-embryo transfers

The success rate of cryoembryo transfer of thawed embryos is close to that of fresh embryos and in some cases is even higher. This occurs in IVF cycles with patients´ own oocytes, the reason being better preparation of the uterine lining when ovarian stimulation does not occur at the same time.

With our results we are among the best clinics in the world, which pleases not only us, but also our patients.

Preimplantation diagnostics

By using preimplantation diagnostics, we are able to increase the success rate of pregnancy by almost 10% (61.4% after PGT in IVF with own oocytes). The main reason for this testing is that up to 44% of morphologically good embryos show an inappropriate distribution of genetic information. Such embryos may stop developing after embryo transfer and the inappropriate genetic information may cause the embryo to fail to take hold in the uterus.

We help an increasing number of patients to conceive every year


treatment cycles at the REPROFIT clinic


cycles using donated eggs


cycles using your own eggs




From the very beginning finding the cause of infertility is our main concern. We always start with simple treatments, only building up to more advanced and expensive ones if necessary.


MUDr. Andrea R. Kagánková

Head doctor Reprofit Ostrava


MUDr. Pavel Otevřel

Head doctor Reprofit Brno


MUDr. Tomáš Bagócsi

Head doctor Reprofit Bratislava

Your Happiness is our Greatest Joy

Thank you for making it possible for us to celebrate 2 years with our most amazing miracle. We are incredibly grateful to you, many thanks to Dr. Frank.

Hello, I would like to thank the whole Ostrava team and especially Dr. Daňková Kučerová for her excellent care and for having her heart in the right place. Thanks to you, our beautiful daughter was born on April 2, 2022. We will be forever grateful to you for allowing us to become parents. Thank you so much again!

"Krtek" is a cartoon character that is popular in the Czech Republic. When we were in Brno, we bought our own "Krtek" as a gift after an IVF transfer. We feel very grateful that we can share this story with our Ellery one day. Thank you.

We would like to thank you for doing the impossible for us... Thanks to your clinic and MUDr. Otevřel, today we can introduce you to our longed-for son, who was carried by a surrogate mother after a difficult 10 years. Thank you.❤️

Many thanks to REPROFIT clinic for our two years of happiness.

Hello, so we made it to a successful end and on October 21 our son was born, beautiful healthy, 3160 grams and 53 cm :) I am also attaching a photo of him sending a kiss to all of you at Reprofit, thank you all so much for this treasure :)

Thank you very much to Dr. Pastorčáková and the whole team of the clinic and we wish other happy parents.

I would like to thank the whole Reprofit Ostrava team. On 6.10.2022, thanks to the clinic and especially thanks to MUDr. Jana Daňková Kučerová, our daughter Gabriela was born. The approach, speed, professional but at the same time human approach. I can only praise all this. We had experience with another clinic in Ostrava, but it cannot be compared with Reprofit Ostrava. Thank you for everything, choosing you was the best choice.

Thank you very much to your clinic for the wonderful approach to the nurses, but especially thanks to MUDr. Jana Daňková Kučerová. We had a beautiful baby girl.

Dear Team Reprofit! Thank you very much for your help. Our long dreamed child is born and we thank you very much. Thank you.

I would like to thank the Reprofit team from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to you, my dreams became a reality.

Thanks to you we had a healthy baby girl. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank the whole team and especially Dr. Daňková Kučerová, have a great day and be always so great, nice, kind and empathetic. I think of you often. Once again, a huge THANK YOU.

Greetings to Reprofit Ostrava. Thanks to the whole team and the care of Dr. Daňková, our daughter was born. Thank you very much for everything, we wish you much success and many more happy parents.

Hello, we send you a photo of our daughter, which we owe to the whole Brno team. Thank you very much for your help. One day we will come back for her siblings.

Thank you very much to your clinic for the wonderful approach to the nurses, but especially thanks to MUDr. Jana Daňková Kučerová.

We will find the most effective solution for you

We do everything to make your journey to the baby as short as possible. Thanks to our research department, we put the latest methods into practice, allowing us to help even couples with complicated causes of infertility to conceive.


IVF with your own eggs

Many couples struggle with infertility. We know how to help.


IVF with donated eggs

We have been specializing in egg donation since the foundation of the clinic. Thanks to our extensive database, together, we can choose the most appropriate donor.


IVF with donated embryos

Thanks to our intricately designed egg donation program, we can offer you an embryo adoption too. We have a unique offer for embryo adoption too.

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