Díky naší profesionální péči jsme pomohli klientkám z více než 90 zemí světa. Zároveň provádíme nejvíce výkonů asistované reprodukce v ČR.

Spokojení klienti

V naší práci není možné měřit úspěch penězi. Naší odměnou je každý pár, kterému pomůžeme a který od nás odchází spokojený. Podívejte se na fotografie dětí, kterým jsme pomohli na svět. Budeme rádi, když se s námi o svoji radost podělíte i vy.

We nearly gave up hope, we are so glad we didn’t!

Dear Eva and Dr. Hana, We recently welcomed the arrival of our baby boy. He is healthy and perfect - we are so happy! We...

... wanted to say a big thank you to you both, and to your colleagues, who were also involved in the process that brought our son to us. We nearly gave up hope, we are so glad we didn’t, and we will be forever grateful to you all for helping us create our family.

Patient from United Kingdom
Thank you for all your help!

I wanna say many many thanks for making our family complete. The donor must be beautiful, because our baby girl is perfect. We...

... will definitely come again because we want her to have a brother or a sister. ♥

Patient from Hungary
Kicsit megkésve, de annál nagyobb örömmel tudatjuk Önökkel hogy megszületett kisfiunk!

Ezúton köszönjük Önnek és az intézet többi dolgozójának a mi drága kisfiunkat, nagyon örülünk és hálásak vagyunk hogy rátaláltunk...

... a Reprofit Intézetre, és hogy hozzásegítettek minket a mi kis Csodánkhoz, aki a világ legtürelmesebb és legcsodálatosabb kisbabája.

Patient from Hungary
Hlásíme, že ve čtvrtek 11.2. ve 12:10 se nám narodila krásná a zcela zdravá holčička Amálie,

50 cm, 3400 g. V pondělí nás propustili z porodnice, jsme ti nejšťastnější rodiče na světě. Vše proběhlo v pořádku a ačkoliv má...

... malá krevní skupinu po taťkovi a ne po mně, vyhnula se i těhotenské žloutence a veškerá další vyšetření dopadla na výbornou. Chceme Vám i celému týmu v Reprofitu tisíckrát poděkovat. Celé těhotenství probíhalo přímo ukázkově a užívala jsem si každou jeho vteřinku. Jen stěží nacházíme slova, která by dokázala vystihnout naši vděčnost vůči vám a radost z naší dcerunky. Pomohli jsme nám k tomu, že jsme ti nejšťastnější rodiče na světě. Přejeme Vám, ať je každý pár po péči u vás tak šťastný, jako jsme my dva s manželem. Udělali jste šťastnými i všechny babičky, dědečky, strýčky, tety a ostatní lidičky kolem Amálky. S pozdravem a přáním mnoha dalších úspěchů

Pacienti z České republiky
I can honestly say that the care I had at Reprofit was top class

I had treatment in many clinics and I can honestly say that the care I had at Reprofit was top class and the best I've ever had....

... I cannot fault the treatment, expertise, and customer service I got in any way. I have referred 2 ladies already and will continue to refer some more as I was very pleased with the care I got I just want to say thank you to specific people that I was under their care. Dr Barbora Kurecova- I learned so much from her. the advice that she gave me was invaluable. She always gave me facts and the information she shared was always grounded and factual. I still remember many things she advised me with that have made a massive difference in my understanding of the situation. Her support, advice and care, and also aftercare are absolutely amazing. Dr Pavel- Besides having a successful cycle with him, he was extremely professional and competent. He took the time to reassure me and answer my questions thoroughly. I felt like I was in very good hands, and felt so safe that everything was done to the best standard. Dr Marek- I dealt with Dr Marek twice, for an enquiry and for my Egg collection, and he was so caring and reassuring. Although he's not my direct consultant, he knew facts about me and what treatment I was having exactly which was amazing. He instilled so much confidence in me about the standard of the lab at reprofit, and it turns out it is so true. I had the best lab outcomes always despite just having only one egg and the risks that come with that. The lab at reprofit never disappointed so I am so thankful to all the lab people too! Dita- I just want to thank you as well, for always answering my many questions promptly, even after the cycle was over when you didn't really have to support me anymore. I really appreciate the time when you came down to chat with me yourself and reassure me about my embryo. I will never forget this, and my husband and I are so grateful for the standard of support we got from you x And also Svetlana was amazing and prompt when she filled in for you when you were away- thank you! All the lovely, friendly nurses and receptionists with the lovely welcoming smiles always- thanks so much!

Patient from United Kingdom
We’re very happy to announce the birth of our lovely daughter,

who arrived two weeks early at 2.14pm on Saturday 31st October 2015 (Halloween!) weighing 5lbs 13oz. After dropping to about...

... 5lbs 5oz soon after birth, she’s now around a healthy 11½ lbs. People still say she looks small, but we think she looks pretty big now! So sorry that it has taken us so long to send you this news. Just don’t know where the time has gone! Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and very kind support. Everything went really smoothly, apart from only one of us making our scheduled flight over to Brno! We’d definitely recommend your services to anyone who’s in our situation. In fact, we have already sung your praises to several of our friends. Thanks again, and who knows, we may be back over soon for another go! Best wishes,

Patient from United Kingdom
Bonjour Eva, Nous venons de rentrer en France et nous tenions

à vous remercier pour l'accueil et le professionnalisme dont vous avez fait preuve avec nous. Tous le personnel qui s'est occupé...

... de nous a été plus que chaleureux et nous avons beaucoup apprécié le côté humain que vous nous avez offert. Nous espérons pouvoir vous annoncer une bonne nouvelle dans les semaines qui arrivent. En vous remerciant encore, nous vous souhaitons une excellente journée.

Patient from France
We would never consider another clinic now, they are the best.

We have nothing but positive things to say about Reprofit and the amazing Doctors, Nurses and Co ordinators who are with you...

... every step of your journey. The standard of care & support far exceeds clinics here in the UK and the price is much more affordable. They made having treatment in another country effortless and a pleasure. My emails and telephone calls were always answered quickly and any issues/questions resolved straight away. Everyone speaks great English and they are welcoming and kind. They really care and want you to achieve your dreams. We would never consider another clinic now, they are the best. Kind regards

Patient from United Kingdom
I also would like to extend my sincere thanks

to Doctor Machac, you and your team who strive their best to help me fulfill my dream to become a mother. I am now and in the...

... future always enjoy every moment to spend with my girl and boy. I am so happy to nurse and take care of them. I am glad I made the right decision to chose your clinic for my journey to become a mother. Especially you who try to work around the rule and policy of Czech to help me out at the time that I thought I won't be able to have a chance for the treatment. I would like you to know that your help are very much appreciated. Best wishes to you and your loves one. I will definitely bring them to Brno for a visit when possible. Hope to see you then in person next time. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

Patient from United Kingdom
I cannot thank you enough for adding an absolutely wonderful dimension to our life – our little babygirl ;o)

The experience at your clinic was truly amazing, and the result even better! We felt safe, cared for and in the very best of...

... hands from the first contact to the final exciting transfer day. Compared to the experience we had with the PGD specialists Dr Potter/Dr Fredrick in California – Reprofit was a 1000 miles ahead (and yes, you can site me anonymously for saying that) in truly engaging with us as patients and making us feel part of a top professional process.

Patient from USA
Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for kindly sending us an additional prescription.

Our doctor advised yesterday that unfortunately due to some mistakes in her medical notes, her blood sample had been denied for...

... analysis by the lab - which expalins the delay... He said they would run the test again from the same blood sample and would advise her of the results today. So I will keep you informed of course if we get any news today. It is amazing that with your help we managed to arrange IVF treatment abroad without any problem, the whole planning process was very smooth; but to get a simple and straight forward pregnancy blood test at a local medical practice in the UK, is turning into the mission of the century! I wish everyone was as competent and professional as you and your team at REPROFIT - it would certainly help keep my blood pressure down! :-) Thank you once again for your kind assistance. Wishing you a very good week-end.

Patient from United Kingdom
Thanks so much for everything - you have made us so happy!

I am delighted to tell you that I had a scan today and the baby measured exactly 6weeks and 6 days which ties in perfectly with...

... my dates. The heartbeat was seen and recorded at 141bpm. All in all a perfect scan - we are absolutely thrilled.

Patient from USA


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