Gynaecological Outpatient Centre

Gynaecology is a part of our specialized care. We utilise top-level procedures and personalised care to ensure satisfied patients in every possible aspect of their treatment.


We provide comprehensive health care for women

  • Gynaecological prevention (examination once per year with cytological sampling, basic colposcopy)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of gynaecological diseases (cysts, myomas, precancerous changes of the uterine cervix, repeated vaginal inflammations, persevering pains in the lower abdomen...)
  • Consultation and administration of vaccines against cervical cancer
  • Consultation on the choice of contraceptives
  • Intrauterine device insertion
  • Gynaecological endocrinology (treats menstrual cycle disorders, painful menstruation, elevated levels of prolactin or male sex hormones, ovarian insufficiency, polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis)
  • Care for infertile couples in the context of assisted reproduction
  • Specialized HYCOSY examinations - Outpatient ultrasound examination to determine the patency of the fallopian tubes. A contrast agent is mixed with purified water, injected into the uterine cavity, advancing further into the fallopian tubes and, if patent, into the abdominal cavity. Ultrasound is then used to obtain practical images to show the patency of the fallopian tubes in patients who have difficulty conceiving. The examination is performed on an outpatient basis, there is no need to prepare for it, and it is gentle and painless. It is performed on days 7-11 of the cycle.

Professional team

We continuously improve our knowledge by regular participation in all major conferences and seminars. At the same time, we also continue our clinical practice in hospitals in both operative and service areas, thus keeping us in close contact with current trends in our field.

A holistic view of women's health

We really care about our patients, we value their trust and do our best for their health and comfort.

Specialised consultations

Consultations on fertility protection, family planning (contraception), counselling for hormonal disorders (gynaecological problems in anorexia nervosa, menstrual cessation, problems associated with menopause). We provide free consultations to our registered patients, non-registered patients can use them for a fee (see price list) or with an application form.

Care of pregnant women

We provide care according to recommended procedures for pregnant women, offering counselling for physiological and risky pregnancies. We provide ample space for communication. We communicate the results of the examinations carried out ourselves.

Surgical treatment

Follow-up to the inpatient ward with the possibility of surgery.

Other treatment options


IVF with your own eggs

Infertility afflicts a large number of couples. We know how to help.


IVF with donated eggs

We have specialized in treatment with donated eggs since the clinic was founded. Thanks to our extensive database of donors, we can choose the most suitable one for you


IVF with donated embryos

Thanks to our sophisticated egg donation program, we have the unique opportunity to offer infertile couples treatment with donated embryos.


The first step to parenting from the comfort of your home

Our doctors are also here for you online. We provide free consultations, we will make an appointment without waiting and without the need to present a request form.