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Despite the latest methods and the high success rate of IVF treatment, the path to a baby may not always be as we would like.


Talking about problems with conception, complicated pregnancies, repeated miscarriages and traumatic experiences is taboo in society. That is why it takes a great deal of courage to turn to a specialist for help. In an effort to make this period as easy as possible for you, in the framework of professional care and cooperation with Mgr. Lenka Pelechová, we offer the possibility of individual or couple psychosocial counselling not only in the field of assisted reproduction.

About me

"Although assisted reproduction is not an exact science, no one can ever guarantee that your IVF cycle will have the desired outcome. For this reason, I prepare with couples for fertility treatment ahead of time so that once it occurs, all their questions are answered. Therefore, together we consult on what will be an accepting procedure. I support you in your decision and this gives you much more confidence, determination and perseverance for a successful, and above all, much calmer course of the whole cycle" Lenka

In my work I use my years of professional experience in infertility treatment from assisted reproduction clinics.
At the core of my therapies is a transparent, patient-centered approach.
My psychotherapy and counselling is based on authenticity and openness, and I work primarily with clients' emotions.
Through therapies and professional consultations I present you with all the possibilities and information to realize or deal with your desire for parenthood. And then be able to make the right decisions.

Prevention of infertility

It is still talked about but constantly underestimated. Yet it is one of the least difficult ways to control your reproduction. You want to know how?

Artificial insemination (IVF)

The journey to having a child through assisted reproduction is a time-consuming, mentally and, last but not least, financially demanding process. Are you wondering how to make good practical use of all the available strategies to be prepared for the whole IVF process?

Perinatal loss

Some parents are transformed by the loss of a baby in ways they never thought possible. Grieving has its purpose, but it's important to find your way back to life. Together we can find a way to move on.

Surrogate family care

Have you exhausted all possibilities on the way to the child and it still does not come? Maybe the doctors have told you that you need a surrogate mother or recommended that you adopt the child. Whatever the reason, you can find information on how the process works with me.

Psychosocial counselling

Psychosocial counselling is a form of therapy that people seek when they find themselves in a sudden and adverse life situation. It also provides clients with orientation, especially in social systems. In my work I use knowledge of socio-legal issues and legislation.

If you have any doubts, pick up the phone and let's talk together. I am happy to be here for you. Remember that all troubles have solutions and you don't have to be alone or ashamed of them at all.

Your Lenka


"I would like to describe my personal experience with artificial insemination, which was the path to the child I wanted. This journey was not at all a one-track journey. It was accompanied by a thousand questions to which I didn't know the answers and honestly didn't even know where to look for them. I'm so glad that someone has finally started to address what couples going through this difficult time might be feeling. Someone who can answer your questions and give you mental support and peace of mind, which I think is a great help and can often be the key to success."


"I have had the opportunity to get to know Lenka personally while studying at university over the last three years. Never before have I met a person who can talk about her profession so openly, professionally but at the same time with details of reproductive medicine that the general public can understand. And most importantly, with the love and belief that she is truly here to be a part of the birth of a new life."



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Other treatment options


IVF with your own eggs

Infertility afflicts a large number of couples. We know how to help.


IVF with donated eggs

We have specialized in treatment with donated eggs since the clinic was founded. Thanks to our extensive database of donors, we can choose the most suitable one for you.


IVF with donated embryos

Thanks to our sophisticated egg donation program, we have the unique opportunity to offer infertile couples treatment with donated embryos.


The first step to parenting from the comfort of home

Our doctors are also here for you online. We provide free consultations, we will make an appointment without waiting and without the need to present a request form.

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