Our professional care has helped clients from more than 90 countries around the world. We have performed the highest number of assisted reproduction interventions of all in the Czech Republic.

REPROFIT Clinic was founded in 2006, and thanks to its results has become not only one of the biggest and most sucessfull facilities of its kind in the Czech Republic, but also in the whole of Europe.


In our laboratory the latest technology is being combined with the great skills of our experienced embryologists. The Result of this is creating high quality embryos at our clinic. The high quality of these embryos enables us to transfer only one embryo in more than a half of all cycles. It also decreases the risk of multiple pregnancies. A slight decrease in the success rate using single embryo transfer balances the overall success of treatment with all embryos from one cycle.

The patient have one embryo transferred during a fresh cycle, and other embryos are frozen (average is 2.54 frozen embryos). Should the patient not become pregnant during the fresh cycle, the other embryos could be transferred through Frozen Embryo Transfer. This will increase the chance of successful pregnancy, and cumulative success of those 3 embryos is more than 91 %.


The success rate of our IVF treatment with own eggs reaches up to 50% and also we manage to keep increasing the success rate for patients between 40-43 years. Egg quality decreases with age and therefore obtaining good-quality eggs in such age is successful just in about half of all the patients. However, then the success rate of embryotransfer is up to 22%. Our clinic continues with a long-term strategy; transferring only one embryo in order to prevent health risks associated with multiple pregnancies.


The success rate of frozen embryotransfer with thawed embryos is close to the success of a treatment with fresh embryos and in some cases it is even higher. This is more likely to be seen within IVF cycle with own oocytes due to the better preparation of endometrium lining, while the stimulation of ovaries does not occur at the same time.

We are among the world’s best clinics with our result which pleases not only us, but mainly our patients.


Thanks to using a PGD we increase the success of achieving pregnancy rate by 10 % (61.4 % after using PGD techniques in IVF with own oocytes). The main reason for this examination is the fact that up to 44 % of morphologically good duality embryos have an unsatisfactory distribution of genetic information. Such embryos may stop to develop, and inappropriate genetic information may be the reason for the fail of embryos nesting in the womb.


therapeutic cycles


cycles using donated oocytes


cycles using own oocytes




We are known in 90 countries of the world.

REPROFIT is one of the top European clinics of reproduction medicine. We always emphasize the quality of care and your comfort. Our best reward are messages from satisfied parents from all over the world.

We speak 8 languages. We will take you through the whole therapeutic cycle. We will settle the necessary administrative aspects with you. We will recommend you accommodation if you wish so. We will always be close to you and helpful.