We are highly successful in IVF treatment. This method has helped many infertile couples to fulfil their longing to become parents.

Steps of IVF Treatment



If you have a question, wish to make an appointment for consultancy, or are already interested in the treatment available at our clinic, then please contact us.
that contains the basic details of you and your partner, and the history of your treatment. In case of any unclear issues, please do not hesitate to ask us about anything. You may make an appointment with a physician who will, in a 30- or 60-minute consultancy, make himself familiar with your health condition, and the course of your previous treatment, and propose the optimal solution for you. If necessary, he will recommend conducting some supporting examinations. We always try to find the earliest possible date for the treatment of your choice.
In order to maximize the chance of the treatment's success and to ensure as safe a course of treatment as possible, it is necessary to make some supporting examinations in some cases. Blood sample taking (such as genetic, immunological and/or haematological tests), eventual examination of the uterine cavity (hysteroscopy) or breast examination (mammography) may be recommended. Some examinations of men and women can be conducted in our clinic, or, as the case may be, we will issue a recommendation for examination in your local area.
Based on the physician’s recommendation, you will decide on the treatment that suits you best. The treatment can mostly be planned following the next menstruation. You will receive information about the treatment, as well as the treatment requisition form and consent to treatment, which need to be signed by both partners and delivered to the clinic. The treatment requisition form shall not be older than 180 days before the embryotransfer. It needs to be signed by both partners, with the signatures being checked against a valid ID card. Photocopies of the ID cards need to be submitted. If you sign the documents in person at the clinic, verification of the signatures will be performed by us.
If the patient is entitled to compensation for the treatment by an insurance company, it is required to request approval of the treatment by an auditing physician of the respective insurance company. We will take care of the respective administrative actions. The treatment is usually approved within 3 weeks. Even when the cycle is compensated by the insurance company, it is recommended to review the price list and eventual supplementary charges.
Once the treatment timing is approved, you will be requested by the physician or your coordinator to provide information required to compile the treatment plan (date of your last period and date when you expect the next one). The physician will then elaborate a detailed treatment protocol that will be e-mailed to you or submitted to you during the personal consultancy. The protocol will be sent only in case of a signed treatment requisition and consent to treatment forms.
Along with the protocol, you will be provided the medication required for your treatment.
After 5 to 6 days of ingestion, you will be ordered for an ultrasound scan. Based on the ovarian response to stimulation, the physician will propose an adjustment in the medication dosage and, in most cases, it will already be possible to determine the date suitable for egg taking.
On the egg taking day, your partner will also have to come for sperm taking and blood taking in order to exclude infectious diseases (unless the sperm has been previously frozen or unless you use the donor sperm). The final review of the required consents to treatment will also be carried out. If the consent of both partners is not available in line with the applicable legislation, fertilisation will not be performed.
On the egg taking day, or on the following day at the latest, you will start taking gestagenous hormones. You will take this medication at least until the pregnancy test.
Egg fertilisation is followed by several days of embryo cultivation in an incubation apparatus. To select embryos with the highest quality for the transfer, our clinic recommends an extended cultivation that lasts 5 to 6 days.
12 PGD  
In case of the pre-implantation diagnostics planned, samples from the embryo are taken on the fifth day of cultivation.
Embryotransfer is usually performed on the third or fifth day of cultivation. Before embryotransfer, you will consult the quality of your embryos with your physician and will agree on the number of embryos suitable for the transfer. We usually implant one or two embryos at the most. We recommend freezing the remaining quality embryos. You may go home 30 to 60 minutes after the transfer.
Our clinic freezes only quality embryos which have sufficient implantation potential and constitute a real chance of future successful cryoembryotransfer. The other embryos are not transferred.
15 Payment  
Once the embryotransfer is completed, you will be requested to pay for the treatment. You can pay in cash or by credit card.
The pregnancy test is scheduled for the 12th to 14th day after embryotransfer.

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