We are highly successful in IVF treatment. This method has helped many infertile couples to fulfil their longing to become parents.

Alternatives to standard IVF method

To achieve success in artificial fertilisation   it is necessary to have a sufficient number of quality eggs. Standard stimulation and  IVF treatment method is not suitable for all couples.

 The aim of alternative approaches is not to retrieve maximum number of eggs but to achieve a course of the treatment cycle that is as close to nature as possible .

Native - natural IVF cycle

During the native IVF cycle there is no hormonal stimulation of the ovaries.Puncture is used to retrieve one egg, which is then fertilised using ICSI method. The success rate of this method is rather low, whcih is caused by the fact that only one egg is available for fertilisation.

Minimum stimulation

Minimum stimulation of the ovaries  with the use of very low doses of stimulation hormones is performed in order to retrieve 2-6 quality eggs. The course of the stimulation is gentle to the woman and  it is tolerated very well. Stimulation is performed using antiestrogen tablets or very low doses of injection preparations, which are known from standard  standard IVF cycles. Fertilisation is performed using ICSI or PICSI method. Complications or development of the hyperstimulation syndrome are very rare during this type of stimulation.

In practice the minimum stimulation method is most commonly used  in the following cases:

  1. previous stimulation was complicated by ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome,
  2. The patient is worried about  hormonal stimulation with higher doses,
  3. Patients with polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCO syndrome),
  4. Repeated failure of infertility treatment using standard IVF method,
  5. Necessity to minimise the treatment costss.

We do believe that you will be satisfied with our care and our approach.

MUDr. Marek Koudelka 
Clinic Director


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