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Female sterilisation

Occlusion of the fallopian tubes is a small minimally invasive operation performed during short hospitalisation, mostly during only one day. After a few days the patient may return back to her normal life.

This smart procedure is an economic and most reliable birth control solution.

Occlusion of the fallopian tubes is a simple operation, performed during one-day hospitalisation by means of laparoscopic techniques. The procedure is suitable for women, who do not wish to become pregnant any more. It is inconvenient for those who are still unsure about their decision not to have any more babies or did not give birth yet. The procedure does not remove the ovaries, the fallopian tubes are occluded. No hormonal changes take place in the woman’s body, period is preserved as well as the cycle of menstruation.

How does this method work? (the mechanism)

Closing and occlusion of fallopian tubes blocks the transport of the egg to the uterus and thus also  the possibility of its fertilisation. The fallopian tubes can be closed either with special clamps or occluded by the effect of heat and  severed.


Very efficient and reliable birth control method. The woman does not have to think  about contraception any more. Single, relatively easy operation with minimum of complications, which is performed during one-day hospitalisation or also on an outpatient basis. It requires only a short time off work. The woman does not need to take any more birth control hormones - that means the method is suitable also for patients who are afraid of hormonal preparations or cannot use them (due to Leiden mutation, conditions following thrombosis, breast cancer, varicose veins, intolerance of preparations).


Necessity of general anaesthesia for approximately 20-30 minutes and short hospitalisation at our ward (usually until the next day).

Cenové srovnání jednotlivých metod antikoncepce

Přerušení vejcovodů je vysoce efektivní a levná metoda 

Reliability of individual birth control methods

Pearl Index is a number that stands for the number of unintended pregnancies per one year in 100 women, who were using the same birth control method. 


Pearl Index

unprotected intercourse 85
calendar method of infertile days 24
measuring of basal body temperature 24
measuring of thickness of the mucus in  the cervix 24
spermicides 3 - 21
periodic abstinence 20
interrupted intercourse 4 - 18
diaphragm 6 - 18
pessary 2 - 15
condom 2 - 12
intrauterine device 0,8 - 3
combined hormonal contraception 0,1 - 3
gestagen peroral contraception 0,5 - 3
gestagen injection contraception 0,3
gestagen implants 0,04
female sterilisation 0,4
male sterilisation 0,15


The general operation and anaesthesiological risk is (very low). The procedure is not suitable for women who are not decided for sure that they do not wish any more children.

What to expect, step-by-step, at Reprofit Clinic?

  • First of all you need to book a consultation - for a set time, you do not need a call slip from your physician.
  • We will explain all about the procedure in detail, you will receive instructions and will be able to book the date for your procedure.
  • After at least 14 days or upon admission to the clinic you will be asked to confirm that you did not change your mind and that you agree with the operation.
  • You will come on the day of the procedure, with empty stomach, with completed pre-operation internal examination and with signed consents.
  • The laparoscopic procedure takes place (approximately 20 minutes).
  • Release usually the next day around 8:00 AM.

Conditions of the procedure

  1. Minimum age 21 years
  2. Capability of legal acts
  3. Hand-signed application to undergo sterilisation
  4. The patient must be instructed about the performance of the procedure, its consequences, risks, etc. The receipt of such instructions is to be confirmed by the applicant’s signature. The applicant may be accompanied by any close person to the procedure, such as her partner.
  5. The law requires a period of at least 14 days for considering the procedure properly.
  6. Applicant’s consent signed immediately before the procedure.

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