COVID-19 and infertility treatment

We are very grateful for the improvement of the epidemiological situation due to we can open both our clinics. 

Please, contact your coordinator, so that she could provide you with the most suitable term of the treatment.

We are looking forward to you!

Your Reprofit

Current information concerning the arrival in the Czech Republic and answers for frequently asked questions

The positive development of the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic allows patients to enter the country. Furthermore, we will provide you with confirmation proof you are having treatment at Reprofit to make crossing the border with the Czech Republic easier.

What are the requirements for the entry to the Czech Republic for 24 hours / more than 24 hours?
For 24 hours, it's possible to enter the Czech Republic without any restrictions.
If the stay lasts more than 24 hours, you either have a negative result of a PCR COVID test done in your country, or you should follow the current Czech guidelines. You can freely visit the clinic and conduct all necessary activities related to your stay during the treatment.
The PCR COVID test may be done at REPROFIT too. (No restrictions then).

What obligations should I meet during my stay in the Czech Republic?
For instance, it's necessary to wear a mask only in the interior such as the clinic, shops etc.

What measures have been taken at the clinic?
REPROFIT is a COVID Free clinic. We are currently providing all the patients from affected countries with a PCR COVID test. We have also reduced the number of patients in our waiting rooms, and a disinfection stand is integral to all our receptions.

What do I need for crossing the borders with the Czech Republic?
Valid ID card or passport, our confirmation about undergoing an urgent treatment, eventually a flight ticket.

Is there a document to sign before the treatment?
Yes, your coordinator will send you a consent form and anamnestic questionnaire together with the plan of the treatment.

What will I need for coming back home?
Nothing special from our side. Please, do not forget to find out conditions valid for the return to your country.

What about accommodation?
Recommended hotels on our website are all open for our patients. Under the terms of cooperation with our clinic, the hotel will offer you a special price.


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