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Treatment with donor embryos (embryo adoption)

Thanks to our sophisticated donor eggs programme, which is one of the biggest in Europe, we have a unique opportunity to also offer treatment with donor embryos to infertile couples. The major difference to similar programmes offered by competitive clinics is that the donor embryos from Reprofit solely originate from young fertile donors, not from patients who will no longer use their embryos. The embryos are prepared over the course of the couple’s treatment with donor eggs and donor sperm.

Thanks to a successful vitrification programme, all suitable quality embryos are frozen with the subsequent cryoembryotransfer planned. 


We are one of the few clinics in Europe offering this treatment programme as part of the infertility treatment by artificial fertilisation. We differ from the other clinics by offering embryos which originate from young healthy donors of eggs and sperm. We conduct approximately 350 cycles a year utilizing embryo adoption.



Thanks to many years of experience, our success in treatment utilizing embryo adoption is even greater than in the case of treatment with donor eggs.

Our objective is your satisfaction.

MUDr. Pavel Otevřel
Head Physician of IVF


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